Happy Anniversary for Parents

60+ Anniversary Wishes for Parents – With Love and Respect

Parents are the most important people in your life — and we know you want to show them how much they mean to you on their special day. It is not enough to send out a gift only, you want to say something special too. You can do that by writing your special wishes to your parents on a card along with the gift.

You may wonder,

What Should I Write on My Parents Anniversary Card?

Here are some suggestions to start with for writing your special wishes to your parents on their wedding anniversary, but if you have something different in mind, like a poem or a song, go ahead and write it down.

  • Love you both mom and dad, your love for me has been infinite. Happy anniversary.
  • I know how hard it is to be parents, but you’re doing great! Happy anniversary to both of you.
  • Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad, I love you so much.
  • Thanks, Mom and Dad, for being there for me through good and bad times. I’m so grateful to have you both in my life. Love you both and happy anniversary.
  • Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! I know you will always be there for me, no matter what! Love you lots!
  • Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! I’m so proud of you for all the things you do for me. And I know that you will always be there for me in good times and in bad times. You are the best parents ever! Happy Anniversary!
  • Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad. I really love you both. I hope to grow up just like you guys did when you were young.
  • Thanks, Mom and Dad for being so supportive of me. I couldn’t have done it without you. Happy Anniversary!
  • Thanks, Mom and Dad. You guys are the best parents in the whole wide world. Happy Anniversary!
  • I love you both so much, you have been my best friend always. Happy Anniversary!
  • Nothing can stop you from being the best mom and dad on earth.
  • Everything I’ve ever needed has come from you two amazing parents of mine. Happy Anniversary!

Anniversary Wishes for Parents from Daughter

  • I am a lucky girl to have parents like you two! You are so amazing. Happy anniversary, mom and dad! I hope you guys have a great year of your marriage.
  • I’m so proud to have you as my parents. I know how busy you are nowadays but that’s why I’m really thankful for your superhuman efforts to take care of the whole family. Happy anniversary, mom and dad!
  • The day that I’m blessed with the best parents, I’m so lucky to have them. This truly means that they are my hero. Happy anniversary!

  • Happy anniversary to the most caring co-parents, who have helped me to be strong-willed and independent. You are forever my source of strength and support!
  • I’m thankful for two amazing parents who teach me life lessons every day, like how to take risks without hesitation, validate my emotions, and appreciate what’s important in life.
  • I have been seeing love from your eyes from the day I was born until now. I’m very lucky to have found a loving and caring mom and dad like you two. Happy anniversary, parents!
  • I can see everyone’s problems plainly, but my parents are an exception. I can’t even imagine how we will survive without each other.
  • Mom and dad, you are the guide and strength of my life. I’m very thankful to have you in my life. May we always be united and loving towards each other. Happy anniversary!
  • Happy anniversary, parents! I’m fortunate enough to be with amazing people like you. I hope our love will continue to grow stronger each year.
  • When everyone was busy spending their time in front of technology, you two were busy turning me into a good human being. Happy anniversary, mom and dad!
  • You two are the pillar of strength for me as you’ve been guiding me from the day I was born until now. Thank you so much for your love and support.

Anniversary Wishes for Parents From Son

  • It is always amusing to see how you two enjoy each other’s company so much as your son. I love you both so so much. Happy anniversary.
  • Mom and dad, thanks for being the best parents ever! I love you both very much. Wishing you both a happy anniversary!
  • Dad and Mom, thank you for always having my back and giving me all my needs.
  • You both are my strength and true inspiration. You make me what I am today, thanks for your unconditional love, thanks for the sacrifices you made without complaining.

  • Mom and Dad, Thank you for making my childhood a memorable one. Happy anniversary. Wishing you both a happy, healthy future. Love you both from the bottom of my heart!
  • You two are my heroes and I love your great example more than anyone else’s.
  • You two are the best parents I have ever known and always there to help me when I’m in trouble. Thank you for all your efforts. Happy anniversary!
  • Thanks to both of you who never fail to put the best thoughts into my mind. You are both amazing people, thank you for everything you do for me that is much more than what anyone else has done before.
  • You are my parents. You gave me life, you made me what I am today, you helped me grow up into this wonderful young man. I love you both! Happy anniversary!
  • I am the luckiest son there is because of you. Thanks for being the parents that I can thank for anything. Happy anniversary!
  • Thank you mom and dad for everything that you’ve done for me. You are really an exclusive couple which I admire a lot. Happy anniversary!
  • Mom and dad, I love you both not only as my parents but as my close family members as well. Thanks for all that you have done to make me what I am today.
  • May your love for each other last forever. Happy anniversary!
  • My mom and dad, thanks for being the best parents ever! I love you both very much. Wishing you both a happy anniversary!
  • I am proud that you are my parents and happy that we share the same blood running through our veins. Thanks for everything you’ve done; you’re the best! Happy anniversary to both of you.
  • We are very lucky to be your sons. Happy anniversary to both of you!
  • Without you two in my life, I would have been nothing. I’m so proud to be your son!
  • Thanks, Mom and Dad for giving me the best childhood ever. I always knew you were there when I needed you the most.

30th Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Parents

  • There is no couple like you two. There is no love like your love. You are amazing parents and I am proud to call you my parents! Happy 30th anniversary!
  • As time passes by, I see how much effort you both put in keeping our family close – your love, your affection, and the sacrifices that you both make for us.
  • I’m very fortunate to be given the best mom and dad in the world. You’re my strength whenever I feel weak. You’re my source of encouragement whenever I have doubts. You never fail to give me your unconditional love and care. Happy 30th anniversary!
  • Even as you grow older, there is no change in your love for each other, which is so charming to see. Mom and dad, I am so happy that I have you both to be the parents of my family. Happy 30th anniversary!
  • When you were young, you fell in love, and now you are still as in love as ever. There is no other couple like you two; there is no other relationship like yours; there is no other bond like yours; there is no other heart like yours. Happy 30th anniversary!
  • Dear Mom and Dad, you’re my model for love and relationship. I always want to be close with the two of you like how we are right now. Happy 30th anniversary!
  • No one in this world could replace the key roles that you both play in my life. You’re my parents who are responsible for the happiness in my life. Happy 30th anniversary!
  • Thank you, mom and dad, for all the patience, love, and care that you always give to me. You make me feel like I’m the most important person in the world. Happy 30th anniversary! You both are the most important persons in my world.
  • I’m so grateful that you are the parents of my life. I love you, mom and dad! Happy 30th anniversary!
  • To the best parents ever… Thank you for being the most caring and loving parents in the universe. May God continue to bless us all our lives! Happy 30th Anniversary Mom and Dad!
  • Dear Mom and Dad, thank you for being our loving mommy and daddy even if times are hard.

50th Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Parents

  • I wish all the happiness and blessings for you both on this special day to mark your 50th wedding anniversary. Happy anniversary dear Mom and Dad!
  • Thank you Mom and Dad for the commitment, hard work, sacrifice, and love that you have invested in our lives. You are priceless! Have a blessed 50th wedding anniversary.
  • For all the sweet, sad, fun, and angry moments, for all the ups and downs, fun trips, special days, lonely nights, for everything that we share, we just want you to know that we love and respect you and we appreciate you. You guys rock! Happy 50th anniversary to the best parents we could ask for.
  • Mom and Dad, 50 years are just an overview of the enormous love you have together. Thank you for being in our lives. Thank you for being our parents. You are precious gems. We love you!
  • Life goes by fast. So quickly in fact, that you don’t realize how much time has passed until you see your parents approaching their 50th year wedding anniversary together. I wish you all the best together in the years to come. My dear Mom and Dad
  • Life has never been the same since I met you. It is amazing to know that both of you are still there for me, day after day. I am cherishing every second that I spend with you. Happy 50th wedding anniversary to both of you.
  • You are all that I could ever ask for in every way, And I am thankful for every day with you. Thank you for sending me all of your blessings. Happy 50th wedding anniversary to both of you.
  • There is no one who could ever compare to either one of you! Not because of your charm and beauty, but because of your heart and soul. You fill my life with priceless moments and I cannot imagine my life without both of you. Happy 50th wedding anniversary Mom and Dad!
  • You were there in my childhood when I needed you most. And you were there when I needed you again in my adulthood when I started to form my family. Thank you for being my parents! Happy 50th anniversary Mom and Dad!
  • It was not easy for you to get through the years, but it was easy to get through you. Happy 50th anniversary Mom and Dad!

Anniversary Wishes for Parents in Law

  • You both welcome me in your heart and make me a part of your life; the house you made is not by the bricks, but by your emotion and that is why each corner of it tells the story of your love and the support for each other. The bonding you shared with each other is stronger than a mere argument and fight. Be happy always and still you have a long way to go together.
  • I am honored to witness your togetherness. I love you both. Be happy always.
  • Thanks to you both for helping with my marriage. Thanks to you both for spending moments of laughter together with us. Thanks to you both for showing that an argument is never an end to your love. Thanks for being there for us with all your love.
  • You are the epitome of strength and support. Your support is the lifeblood of our marriage. I love you both. Happy anniversary.
  • The bond between you two is strong and everlasting. It’s great to see the way you love each other even though you are from two different countries. May you be blessed with all the happiness life has to offer. Happy Anniversary Dear Mr. and Mrs…
  • It is truly a pleasure and pride for me to write this write-up and express my gratitude to you both for your unconditional love and support for our marriage. I love you both. Happy Anniversary!
  • Thank you for being in our lives. Thank you for being in our family’s lives. We love you both so much. Wishing you both a happy 50th wedding anniversary.
  • The day was beautiful, the weather was fine, the music was loud, the love was not hidden, the drinks were so demure, the food was delicious, the friends were so many, but all that was second to the rising banner of love that you two brought to our world. Happy Anniversary!
  • It is always fun to be with both of you. It is like the favorite uncle and cute niece speaking with each other, it is refreshing and lovely. Thanks for being my parents-in-law. Happy wedding anniversary
  • Your love is a symbol of a truth that a relationship can be maintained even through hardships. Happy anniversary to both of you.

Here we come to the end, we hope you find the wishes or messages above helpful for your own anniversary wishes. Parents are worth all your wishes, they are always there for you no matter the time and the circumstance. Let us wish and send our best wishes to all your parents, and wish them to have a nice anniversary.

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