Birthday wishes for daughter

Birthday Wishes for Daughter – From Dad and Mom

Your daughter’s birthday is coming up. Your daughter is the most person in your life. You want this birthday to be a special one, and you want to write down some wishes for her so that she knows how much you appreciate her. Here we have collected some of the best birthday wishes for your daughter on different occasions. You can pick the one which best reflects your feeling.

What a mother wishes for her daughter’s birthday

  • I wish you could be filled with endless fun, enjoy the wonders of the good life, and smile surely at all the people you encounter.
  • I want to say I hope you have a wonderful birthday filled with laughter, lots of friends, and joy.
  • Today is a special day for me, and I want to wish you have a great birthday. I want to say you know how much you mean to me, and I hope you always know how much I love you.
  • I remember when you were a baby and the joy you brought to my life. Your smile, your glee, your laughter, all these emotions helped me become the person I am today. Happy Birthday my angel.
  • I am indeed lucky to not have to wish for anything in particular; I already have the most wonderful things I could ever ask for, that is you, my wonderful daughter.
  • Remember the first time I saw you? I couldn’t believe what I saw. It was too unreal for me to dream that you were mine.
  • You may be only 17 now, but you have been so ahead of your age since you were born. Everyone knows you are a genius. Although you are young, you are so wise beyond your years. Happy birthday my princess, have a wonderful day.
  • You are my daughter and I love you. I adore your sweet innocence and little blushes. You make me so happy and I want to hold you forever
  • My beautiful daughter, you are the best daughter anybody could possibly hope to have. I’m so glad that you are my daughter because you are the most amazing and wonderful person in the world! Happy birthday, sweetheart!
  • Seeing how wonderful a daughter you have grown up fills my heart with happiness and pride. Thank you for doing everything in your power to make me proud. I hope your birthday, my sweet daughter, is your best day ever.
  • I’m so glad you’re my daughter. You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I wish you the best birthday ever.
  • You’re the most adorable little person I’ve ever met. I know this isn’t the best day of your life, but I hope it is. Happy birthday, my darling daughter!
  • Happy birthday to my daughter, the amazing, charming, beautiful, and fantastic daughter that you are. I hope this year is the best of your life.
  • What an amazing daughter you have grown into! I hope this year, your birthday, gives you great happiness, joy, and excitement that you don’t deserve simply by the nature of who you are.
  • Happy birthday to my little princess! You’re the sweetest, loveliest, and most adorable daughter anybody could ever hope to have. I hope your birthday is beyond perfect, amazing, and beautiful!
  • Happy birthday to my gorgeous daughter. I’m so proud of you!
  • You are such a precious and wonderful daughter. I hope your birthday ends on a good note.
  • You are my sunshine, my strength, my encouragement, my pillar, and my guiding light, and now I am your mother, love you.

Heartwarming Birthday Wishes for Daughter

  • Wonderful birthday to my beautiful daughter; you are my strength and inspiration, Happy Birthday beautiful, have a magical day.
  • A Birthday is like a second first impression. I was impressed when I saw you for the first time, And you were in my heart. You are lovely, pure, and kind.
  • Happy Birthday to my dear daughter; you are the best gift that I have ever received. You are the best thing to happen to our family, and you have made me all the more proud.
  • Happy Birthday my bundle of joy. Have a perfect day my princess, love you forever.
  • You are my beloved daughter, your presence in my life is a gift I cherish forever. You are unique and one of a kind.
  • Have a lovely day my sweet princess happy birthday. Fill it with fun and excitement. I pray to God to always keep you happy, healthy, wealthy, and wise.
  • My wish for you is that your Birthday should be filled with peace and love. I will always cherish you, my angel, never forgets I love you so much.
  • Happy Birthday my daughter, you are the most beautiful daughter the world has ever seen. Your sweet smile, charming words, and lovely songs make our home vibrate with your effervescent energy. I love you.
  • My dear daughter, you are my world, the love that keeps me going, your smile is my motivation, you are a blessing given to me. I love you. You are the best gift I have got in my life. Wish you a Happy Birthday.
  • I love you, my dear daughter. Happy Birthday, you are an extension of my soul.
  • Have a wonderful day my little princess, Happy Birthday dear, love you.
  • My wish for you is that you should always feel light and cheerful when you arise in the morning. I pray that you should be successful in all you do.
  • Happy birthday to my princess, God has given you a talent that no one can ever measure. You have the greatest gift.
  • Have a great day my dear daughter. I wish every moment of your life will be filled with peace and love.
  • I wish you that all your best wishes come true. I pray that you will have a healthy and great life.
  • My dear daughter, the best gift I ever had in my life is the day I met you, and the best gift you ever received is the day you were born.
  • Happy birthday my darling daughter, I hope you have a fantastic day today and a year full of fun.
  • I want you to have an amazing birthday my dear daughter. Have a wonderful day today and grow to be the best you can possibly be.
  • Happy Birthday my daughter. The sun can shine brighter and the stars can shine brighter. But no one can shine brighter than you.
  • Memories can’t be erased. They will always remind you that today’s a special day. Happy birthday to my daughter.
  • You are pure, wonderful, and I am so proud of you. You have shown the world what true beauty is. I hope you have an amazing day.

Inspirational Birthday Wishes for Daughter From Dad

  • I wish for you to be filled with so much happiness. Hope you have a lovely time today. Happy birthday my lovely daughter.
  • Happy birthday to my beautiful daughter, I hope you have a day full of happiness and joy as much as you deserve it.
  • I want you to have a perfect day today, my cherished daughter.
  • A day spent with you is the perfect gift. A day that starts with you is the best gift of all. Have a great birthday.
  • You’re wonderful and so are you today. I pray that today brings you the good and happiness you deserve. Happy Birthday my daughter.
  • Happy birthday my dear daughter, I love you so much. I wish you a wonderful day and a wonderful year.
  • I hope your birthday is the best day you have ever had. I love you so much. Have a great birthday.
  • I never asked for a daughter, but I have found the best. Do you realize what you are becoming to me? You are my princess.
  • You bring love and life to our home. I want to celebrate you, my little princess, with peace, joy, and happiness.
  • When I look at you, I see a wonderful future. I want to hold on to you, to honor you, and to guide you. Happy birthday to my daughter.
  • You are the reason why I pray. I pray for peace, happiness, family, and peace. Happy birthday to my sweet princess.
  • I cherish every moment you spend on this earth. I want you to know that I am not only your father but your best friend. Have a wonderful birthday.
  • You are the most important and precious gift I have ever received. Happy birthday to my princess.
  • I hope you have the happiest birthday ever. I wish you have a wonderful time today. Happy Birthday, Princess.
  • Happy birthday to my beautiful daughter. I know I’m not the best dad, but I’ll always do my best to make you happy.
  • Your smile is my sunshine; every time I see it, I want to hug you as tight as I can. Happy Birthday!
  • You have been the most precious pleasure in my life. I am crazy because it was a crazy for you, just as wind is crazy for the waves. I love you.
  • You are the joy of my life. Thanks for being in my life! Happy Birthday to you.
  • You are the most beautiful and amazing, I think I will never tire of looking at you. Happy birthday my dearest daughter

21st Birthday Messages for Your Daughter

  • As your parents, we have been blessed with a wonderful daughter. Today, you reach a new milestone in your life. It is a birthday we have been anticipating for many years. I feel like I have said it before, but I am not sure I could have asked for a better daughter. Happy 21st birthday.
  • Before you could read or write I used to wish you a good night before bed. As an adult, I tell you I love you every day. Now you are 21, we are lucky to have another year to be as close as we have been before. Happy birthday my daughter.
  • I want you to know that you are the best! I am grateful to have you as a daughter. You are one smart cookie that will go far. I know you will be a college graduate and will be a great student. Have a wonderful 21st birthday. I love you.
  • Happy Belated 21st Birthday daughter! You outsmart us all the time, and have proved to be the best daughter any parent could ask for.
  • Happy 21st Birthday daughter! I remember the day you were born. There was no greater miracle in the world for a parent than you. On your 21st birthday, your love for us grows as does ours for you. You are our best friend, Dear daughter.
  • Happy 21st Birthday daughter! I love you so much. I can’t wait to see you turn 21. I am so excited for you. I hope that you have the best birthday ever to honor your entrance into adulthood.
  • Happy 21st Birthday daughter! You are the greatest gift to me. Nobody knows it better than me. Thank you for being you.
  • Happy 21st birthday to our beautiful daughter. As you journey into the next chapter of your life I continue to hope that you continue to find yourself a bit more each day.
  • Dear daughter, the years you have been on this earth have been a gift. You have been a very special daughter. Happy 21st birthday! Have an amazing day!
  • Happy 21st birthday to our beautiful daughter. We are so lucky to have you in our lives and to know you are happy. Much love.

50th birthday wishes for daughter

  • I am proud to be your mother and couldn’t be happier that our relationship is as strong as it is for 50 years. Your new year will be filled with many blessings. Hope this is the best year yet. Happy 50th birthday.
  • Why do they call it a milestone when you’ve hit such a great number of years? Happy 50th birthday, my daughter.
  • Today is a day to celebrate how far you have come and all of the fun things you have done over the last 50 years. Wishing you a very happy 50th birthday.
  • Today is a celebration of the last 50 years and the many great things I hope are yet to come. Happy 50th birthday.
  • May you continue to discover the world for the next 50 years. Happy 50th birthday to my beautiful daughter.
  • Happy 50th birthday, dear daughter. No matter how you or I feel about time passing, today reminds me how fortunate I am to have you in my life.
  • Happy 50th birthday to my oldest daughter! Happy birthday, to the person who makes me enjoy life more than ever before! Happy birthday, to the best daughter a mother can ever hope for!
  • May your next 50 years be the best yet. Happy 50th birthday.
  • 50 is the new… hot. And with your beautiful face and kind heart, I know you’ve got it going on. Happy birthday, 50, and many, many more!
  • 50 is AWESOME. Happy 50th birthday to you my amazing daughter.
  • 50 is a journey I will love watching. Happy 50th, sweetie.

We hope the above wishes could be helpful for you and your daughter’s birthday if you want more birthday wishes, please read them here: birthday wishes

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